Training For Care Homes

This training series is on ‘How to identify and treat undernutrition in care homes’.

 This training is split into five sessions covering:

  1. What is undernutrition?
  2. How to identify undernutrition
  3. How to treat undernutrition
  4. Nutrition-related record-keeping and hydration
  5. Case study and quiz

Prior to watching each session, learners can download activity sheets related to that training session.  

During each session, there are activities to complete.  

Following each session, the learner will be asked to complete a set of multiple-choice questions relating to that session. To continue to the next session you must pass 80% or more. If you have not passed the first time, you can retake the quiz as often as needed to pass.


Prior to starting the course, learners complete a reflection activity. This can be used as part of supervision and as CPD evidence.

Once the learner has completed the training ask for their feedback by completing a short evaluation. Once the evaluation is completed, they can download their certificate and other resources which will help them to implement the training in their care home.

This training was developed by Rachael Masters, Consultant Dietitian for Focus on Undernutrition, and is endorsed by the British Dietetic Association.

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Last modified: Tuesday, 16 November 2021, 5:36 PM